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All readings have two options either done by email or over the phone. Availability options will be discussed after proof of purchase is sent to healinggoddessofthesun@gmail.com. Following confirmation there will be additional instructions that are required after purchase which includes attaching your order #, your first and last name along with a current picture of yourself and your full birthday. Readings are non refundable when booking with Goddess of The Sun unless spirit says that she cannot read you. If instructions & or requirements aren't followed your reading will be cancelled.

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Email readings: comes with a 6 to 8 card spread regarding present and future energy and is very thorough and comes with an option to ask one question. You can choose to have your reading be more focused on love or career if you wish. The question must be received 72hrs prior to your reading sent to email provided above. The other option is to forgo the question and just go with the flow and let Spirit give you the messages they have for you. At the end of your session spirit will give you advice & or homework to do.


Over the phone readings start with whatever spirit feels needs to be discussed but starting with past/present and future energy. You can specify if you would like your reading to be a general, career, or love to be the main focus. The difference is that if there is anything that you would like to ask or need clarification on you will get during the reading. You will have the option to ask 2 to 3 questions depending on the length of time of the reading. Make sure to have a pen and paper present because there will be a lot of information given to you by spirit and it will be a bit much to remember and take in. Preparation is key!

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