I Am Goddess of The Sun

"It's The Money, Honey" - The Money Candle

Money! Money! Money!
"It's The Money, Honey" - The Money Candle is powerfully magnetic! Burn to enhance or call in/manifest increase cash flow, unexpected money, good luck and fortune from all directions into your life. Filled with so much magic, my money herbal blend & blessed by Spirit. Believe your deserving and be ready to receive it on overflow. "It's The Money, Honey" is that hand-poured soy wax money candle that you need today. 
Note: It’s The Money Honey” has gotten an upgrade these are updated pictures but still the withhold powerful magic. 

+ “IT’S THE MONEY, HONEY” now comes with your very own Lucky Gold Foiled USD 100 Dollar Paper Money Bill. Once your done with your burn keep bill in your wallet and (facing forward) you can anoint its 4 corners with your “Prosperity” - The Abundance Oil or “Like Bee’s to Honey - The Money Oil, rub some cinnamon or all spice on it then recite psalms 72:7, or recite a prayer and or affirmations, write an intention on paper (with no lines) or directly if you choose to then attach with tape to it you may also add it to your Ancestral Altars for prosperity in the ancestral realm, or you can add it to your money/abundance alter

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