I Am Goddess of The Sun

"Bliss Thy Home" - The House Blissing & Cleansing Candle


"BLISS THY HOME" - This House Blissing & Cleansing Candle is intended for cleansing away negative energies from your home and to purify and bring bliss and blissings to your personal spaces and your entire home. "BLISS THY HOME' has been charged under the full moon, created with my house blissing herbal blend, anointed oils, powerful prayers, intentions and my magick. This candle is also infused with clear quartz crystal energy and high frequency vibrations. It is advised when ready to burn; to place this candle near the entry way of your home or place it in the center of your home. 

In addition:  When candle is complete it's suggested to burn some cinnamon and or simply step outside your front door and with the door open add some cinnamon in your left hand and blow it into your home and recite your positive intentions, affirmations, mantras and or prayers.

note: You can amplify this house blissing and cleansing candle by pairing it with and cleansing your home with our "BLESS THY HOME" spiritual floorwash prior to lighting this candle. 

+ scent notes that are purely divine. 

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