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"Release Me" - The Art of Letting Go Spelled Ritual Bath Salts

"Release Me" - The Art of Letting Go Spelled Ritual Bath Salts. This 17oz spelled bath salts recommended before working with any of our other product's. Recommend usage for two baths. You take this bath when you're needing to cleanse your energy, let go of anything that's no longer serving you such as, traumas, old wounds, past hurts, needing clarity, old ways of thinking, addictions, fear, evil eyes, bad habits of any kind that keep you stuck and stagnant repeating the same patterns & cycles. This Bath is clear quartz crystal charged and has been charged under 4 moon cycles and the last cycle being the Flower Blood Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. Suggested taking this bath on the full moon or on Sunday's. Scent notes of eucalyptus and mint. 
This bath comes with cascarilla powder, white chime candle and palo santo and separate detailed instructions.  Assisting you in having THE ULTIMATE cleansing and healing experience.
We suggest following with “Sweetening Me Up” Spelled Ritual Bath Salts within a couple weeks to sweeten up your life.  

note: this candle can be used if you do not have a bathtub. Just follow the instructions included but instead of the bath, mix your bath with spring or distilled water in a white basin, add some additional coconut milk and (others ingredients mentioned in directions) and while mixing the ritual bath salts & state your intentions on what you’re needing cleansing of. 

continue w/ instructions …….

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