I Am Goddess of The Sun

"The Ancestor's" - The Ancestor Candle

"THE ANCESTOR'S" - The Ancestor Candle is exactly what it says. This candle is very necessary if you're seeking to build a deeper connection/bond to your good ancestors, your ancestral roots, lineage, bloodline, elders, warriors, master's, skilled healers and fierce protector's. 
Burn this candle with the intentions of also seeking guidance, wisdom, assistance, spiritual awareness, development, and healing. 
This candle is filled with powerful and impactful prayers, intentions, anointed oils & other powerful ingredients, blissed ancestor money, amethyst crystal energy, my ancestors herbal blend, moon energy & blissed by Spirit. 
NOTE: This candle also comes with a stunning amethyst crystal and some blissed ancestor money for you to burn accordingly. The Purple Amethyst cluster included represents purification & connection to the divine. It provides emotional support, confidence and calmness. Also providing protection from negativity, stress and or anxiety; activating spiritual awareness and opening your intuition
now has guided instructions included.

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