I Am Goddess of The Sun

"Bless Thy Home" - The House Blessing & Cleansing Spiritual Floor Wash


"BLESS THY HOME" - is a spiritual floor wash intended for cleansing away negative energies from your home and to purify and bless your personal spaces, your walls, your homes, your doors and or alters. "BLESS THY HOME' has been charged under the full moon, created with only rainwater, my house blissing herbal blend, anointed oils, powerful prayers and my magick. This floor wash is also infused with clear quartz crystal energy and high frequency vibrations. Detailed directions are located on the back of this product.

In addition: You may use entire bottle or half just let your intuition guide you. You may also choose to add some Florida Water to your mop water as well. When complete it's suggested to burn some cinnamon and or simply step outside your front door and with the door open add some cinnamon in your left hand and blow it into your home and recite your positive intentions, affirmations, mantras or prayers.

note: The Spirits absolutely love this product so I would personally suggest using this to anoint your tabletop/spaces before working with any of our products.

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