I Am Goddess of The Sun

"Sweetening Me Up " - The Sweetening Ritual Bath Salts

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"Sweetening Me Up" is a 17oz spelled and blissed Sweetening Ritual Bath Salt soak. The quantity in one jar is equivalent to 2 baths but you may use it for 3 baths if you chose. "Sweetening Me Up" does contain coconut, honey, magnesium, herbs and other essential products for the optimum sweetening experience. It is advised to take a shower first. While running your bath, add some honey to your tongue then pour your spelled bath salts in and set your intentions. You may add additional items you may prefer but we suggest adding some honey, but you must put a little honey on your finger first and taste it, fresh sunflowers, or yellow or orange roses if there are no sunflowers available. You may also add some fresh cut oranges to your bath if you wish. It is also suggested to add a little florida water to your bath as well.  It is important to light yellow, orange or white candle while in your bath. Our "Oshun's Energy" or "THE SUN" candles are perfect additions to your sweetening bath ritual. When you are finished with your ritual bath, we suggest NOT drying off but then adding our "OPULENCE" Spelled body butter to your skin then relax.

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