I Am Goddess of The Sun

"Me Time" - Our Self-Care Candle


"Me Time" is the first candle from our "NOT JUST YOUR REGULAR CANDLE" line. These candles are not spelled but have intentions to help assist in relaxation. "Me Time" is burned while practicing your Self-Care such as, your facials, maintenance, self-love baths (using our "Me Time" Ritual Salt Baths) perhaps, self-love showers, and much more. "Me Time" is the perfect addition to have right outside your shower, beside you while taking your relaxing bath, or on the counter for a pure relaxing yet luxurious experience. When you are finished with your Self-Care, we suggest applying our "Loving the Skin, I'm in" Spelled body butter to your skin while still damp for a day full of THE ULTIMATE Self-Care Spa like experience. "Me Time" has the scent notes of vanilla and roses. In addition, we suggest adding some spa music to enhance your experience. 

Note: "Me Time"- Our Self-Care Candle, "Me Time"- The Self-Love Ritual Salt Baths & "Loving the Skin, I'm in"- Spelled Self-Love Body Butter is the perfect TRIO to be a part of your Self-Care regimen.

Spoil yourself because you deserve it!

*You may also use the vessel after candle is completely burned

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